GetBucks South Africa Womans Month

We salute women! Five reasons to celebrate ladies this Women’s Month

On 9 August we celebrate National Woman’s Day and there’s no other way to say it: It falls in the most important month of the year when we get to celebrate and appreciate the ladies that forged us.

To all the talented, caring, strong, loving and unyielding women out there, this is your month. A month that marks an important point in our history when women stood up against what was wrong and marched in their thousands to protest the apartheid pass laws.

It is a day that will forever be remembered for its strength and character, and proof that if you want to get things done, sometimes all you need is a ladies touch…

Here at GetBucks, the easiest place to get cash online, we couldn’t agree more so we’ve thought of five reasons to salute the ladies in our life. Truthfully though, there are too many reasons to mention:

To all Strong Women, we salute you!

The strength of women through the ages is testament to their unyielding character in their quests for justice. It seems strange now that so many things we take for granted, women had to fight for, and it is only by their strength that we get to enjoy this rejuvenated future. We salute you!

To all Business Women, we salute you!

From the patents of old first filed by women, to the modern day business lady in her suit, we salute you. We salute your strength in a world that still needs changing, in a world where some men still need guidance.

To all Nurturing Women, we salute you!

Without the nurturing touch of mothers across the country, life would be that little less caring – and a whole lot more difficult. Yes, to all mothers who spend their days nurturing children and feeding households, we salute your resilience.

To all Sports Women, we salute you!

From famous female athletes that have come and gone, from Katherine Switzer to Caster Semenya. Thank you for redefining sport and the ideas of what is achievable. From the grass courts of Wimbledon to Banyana-Banyana, we salute your athleticism and pay homage to your talents.

To all Loving Women, we salute you!

To all those women who love, not hate; to all those women who care to care. To all those women who love intently; who fight for peace and prosperity – thank you for always loving humanity and caring for the men who need you more than ever.

There you have it: Five reasons to salute women today. Truthfully, they’re five of three billion other reasons to show our respect, care and honour.

So, from GetBucks to you, a very happy Women’s Day and a prosperous Women’s Month!

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