Maintain your freedom: 5 Ways to boost your car’s value

Sure, cars depreciate, but that doesn’t change how valuable they are to you.  It’s your freedom, your holiday, your weekend away and of course, your way to get to work.

Importantly then, keeping it on the road and in tip-top shape is the most important thing that you can do when it comes to its resell value and long term reliability.

Here at GetBucks, where you can get small cash loans online, we’re all about freedom and doing what’s necessary to keep your wheels turning,

Here then are five ways to keep your car in tip-top shape and as valuable as it can be.


Keep it clean and polished – looking-like-new prolongs the value

If you’re not in a drought, washing your car regularly, inside and out, is key to maintaining its integrity. Dirty cars scratch easier and excessive sun dulls the paint over time – all bringing down its worth.

So go on, do yourself a favour and keep that leather soft and dashboard shiny. A good wash and polish once a week is all you’ll need. Have some fun while you do it: Get the whole family in on the cleaning action!


Keep the important bits going – check that oil and water regularly

Crucial to your car’s behaviour is the daily essentials that you need to keep it going. The next time you’re at the garage and you’re asked about your oil and water, make sure to get it checked. Then, do it again the next week.

Both are essential for heat maintenance and the smooth running of engine components. Over a longer period, regular maintenance will contribute to its overall worth.


Keep your receipts – service history means value

Getting your car regularly serviced is important. But, where you do it and the proof that it’s been done is key to boosting value over time. So, make sure that you keep records when that oil is changed and tyres are replaced.

Importantly, use reputable service providers if you’re not under a brand warranty. This shows consistency and truth: That your car has been checked by qualified and certified people.


Save for a motoring emergency

Driving every day can really give your car a good beating. Sun, sand and rain; potholes, bumps and neighbourly negligence – they all add up and before you know it your car has collected unnecessary damage.

Here, a pre-emptive emergency-savings can help prepare for those annoying inevitables that bring down your car’s value over time. Having a car-kitty also helps when something bigger breaks that you never thought would…


Drive easy – it’s the most valuable thing you can do

If you plan on keeping your car for the long term, driving it carefully, safely and without stressful manoeuvres keeps it going for longer and saves you money.

Unnecessary acceleration, braking and speeding can quickly wear out key components: Brake pads, tyres and clutch plates all take strain when you drive aggressively. Save them to save your wallet!

Keeping your car well-maintained helps preserve its value – whether you’re hoping to keep your wheels turning for longer for cheaper, or just hoping to resell, value is everything.