The most silent of killers shouting loudest for a resolution is debt. Of course it is! Debt can suffocate us, leaving us anxious and less able to enjoy the good things that life has to offer.

So, take control of your debt. To do so, consider these 6 important tips to start tackling debt today.

1. Consolidate! Know how much…

It is imperative that you understand exactly how much debt you’re in before you can tackle it. Much of debt-anxiety stems from a lack of knowing exactly how much debt there is, how much is owed and by when.

2. Renegotiate! Pay less or understand how to repay…

Do not be shy to renegotiate some of your debt payments to possibly get a better repayment deal. At the very least, fully understand how debt repayments work and what you’re allowed (and not allowed) to pay and by when

3. Prioritise! What’s most important?

Once you know exactly how much debt is bringing you down and how best to pay it, prioritise what is most important and redirect any debt-defeating money towards it to bring about quicker relief.

4. Budget for debt! Turn debt into an essential…

Understand completely where you will get the money to repay debt by writing it into your budget. Debt money should not be extra money; rather, like money set aside for food or petrol, you should have a set amount placed aside every month for debt.

5. Be stern! Say no and shed further debt before it arrives.

It’s time for self-control and now is a better than any to cut that spending. You cannot fight debt if your habits are adding to the problem.

6. Seek help! A professional can direct you…

If the mountain of debt it still too much to handle, or you need a little bit more advice or direction, seek the advice of a professional. Do it now to help shed anxiety, or do it later to strengthen your new found debt-defeating energy.
Don’t let debt bring you down. Confront it, tackle and overcome it! Here at GetBucks, the easier place to get cash online, we encourage responsible lending,  and a society free from the anxiety of financial mismanagement. Take control today. You deserve it!