A business loan through GetBucks

A business loan through GetBucks. It’s the smartest way to nurture entrepreneurs.

Building a business is difficult. From the idea phase to scaling; small businesses struggle to grow without the funds.

Enter GetBucks; a convenient way to get your business where you want it to be with a convenient and empowering business loan.

An offering designed to streamline the business loan application process for a better and more profitable tomorrow.

From stocking up on inventory to preparing your yearly harvest, from innovative taxi solutions to barbers, our business loans have been empowering since the beginning.

An online business loan is the quickest way to get your business growing.

GetBucks offers choice. Ask yourself; how can a business loan realistically help you achieve your goal and build your business, and how much do you need?

We offer four types of business loans to suit your needs:

  1. The first, perfect for start-ups, is a secured business loan, which allows you to use your existing collateral to secure a loan from anywhere between R250 000 and R5 million.
  2. The second, an unsecured business loan, offers existing clients an uncollateralized loan where their business has been in operation for at least 6 months. Applicants may apply for anything between R15 000 and R250 000.
  3. The third, called a Merchant Business Cash Advance, is perfect for vendors or businesses that need to purchase stock or assets up to R1 million in order to expand their business.
  4. Finally, our purchase order loan is the perfect loan for start-ups or existing SMMEs that have a vendor contract between R10 000 and R25m with a large corporate business.

All considered, ask yourself, how can we help your business?

Fill in the information online and request a quote to get started. Online, you’re able to pick your option amount and payback period without the hassle of having to wait for a consultant.

Business Loans

Business loans are about transparency. Help us, help you.

Should you agree to our terms for a loan, we will conduct an assessment to see if you qualify. As is according to law, we will run the necessary credit checks to get you on your way.

In the meantime, you will be asked to complete the application process by submitting some business and personal documentation.

As is required, the documentation needed is thorough but is conveniently uploaded online.

Here at GetBucks, we know how difficult and time-consuming it is running a business, so we do our best to our make your business loan applications as simple and as quick as possible.

A clear photo of all documents is more than sufficient. After all, the application process is all about enhancing the business loan experience and getting your business going as soon as possible.

If you’re happy, we’re happy. Once approved, let’s grow your business.

Once your loan is approved you will receive an SMS or mail. GetBucks Loans are one of the fastest ways to grow your business today.

It is a proud cornerstone of GetBucks and one of the leading reasons our customers keep coming back.

Following approval, expect detailed documentation outlining the terms of the loan. Have a look and see what you think. As a business owner, it’s important to understand the depths of the agreement so that it helps you over the long term.

Get the Small Business Loans App

Your business deserves a fighting chance.

A small business loan can change lives and build economies. That’s why GetBucks supports ideas that become businesses, and businesses that support families, build communities and strengthen countries.

Small businesses, or SMMEs, are essential to the economy and in South Africa alone GetBucks has already lent R40 million towards helping them grow.

This has contributed to at least 641 jobs.

That’s why we do our empowering best to offer loans to businesses that need it most. Thinking this way promotes financial inclusion and allows us the opportunity to assist under-resourced businesses to give them a fighting chance.

Build your business the right convenient way: with an online business loan. Easy to navigate and simple to get, it all starts with GetBucks.