Personal Loans
Personal Loans

A personal loan through GetBucks. It’s convenient, helpful and simple to get.

Sometimes all we need is a little financial boost: A personal loan that can help us with our everyday spend, with those unforeseen emergencies or for when we need to pay for those tedious things that cost money we don’t immediately have.

Essential for many then, it is important that GetBucks offers personal loans in the simplest way possible, both speedily and conveniently. So, quick to navigate and almost instant, our personal loan application process is meant to heighten your experience, bringing you relieving cash when you need it.

Online is the convenient way. Through our app, it’s made even simpler.

Whether you’re more comfortable using a computer or simply enjoy the convenience our GetBucks app, you will find our personal loans a breeze to navigate. Online, you’re able to pick your desired amount and payback period without the hassle of having to wait for a consultant.

From our platforms, you’ll be able to request loans, find out if they’re approved, monitor your repayments and can even keep an eye on your spending habits with a thrifty and free budget tool.

It all makes it possible to access easy cash loans, anywhere, anytime.

Personal loans are all about trust. Let’s build a relationship.

Getting a personal loan through GetBucks is all about building a trust relationship. Once you’re ready and all signed up, we ask a series of questions to start us off.

From your marital status to how many dependents you have, it helps to be as open as possible in order to maximise your chance for a personal loan. Of course, other things are essential too, like getting to know your salary and expenses.

According to law, we cannot offer a loan without your last three months bank statements and proof of income. These are easily uploaded online or through our app via a clear photo or PDF, which makes it all the more simple for you. None of that paper hassle. All online. All convenient. All confidential. Just follow the steps!

Should your loan be approved then, strengthening the trust relationship will depend on your pay back habits and consistency. As a bonus for good habits, in time we will offer you further loans at discounted rates and over longer periods.

That’s what trust does.

Choose a loan and sit back. It won’t take long until you have your money.

Almost instant, our loan approval system doesn’t take very long. Most of our loans are approved within 30 minutes and you can check your loan status online as it unfolds. Another convenient way to check is to SMS ‘status’ to 44184 to follow up. Whichever suits you!

Rest easy though knowing that as soon as your loan is approved it will be processed immediately, where you will then have the option to pay it out via EFT straight into your bank account or your E-Wallet. Payouts reflect within the hour, which makes personal loans through GetBucks one of the speediest ways to get cash online.

But how much will it cost to get a personal loan and can I afford it?

The most important thing to know when getting a personal loan with GetBucks is that we will never offer you a personal loan that you cannot afford.

GetBucks is very sensible and will only ever approve a loan that you can afford to pay back according to the information that you share with us. A credit check beforehand will give us a good insight into your lending and payback habits and we take our clients affordability very seriously.

As a responsible credit lender across 13 countries in Africa, Europe and Australia, we understand that our personal loans can transform lives and bring relief. As such, getting one should never be tiresome – only relieving.

As perfectionists in the lending game, our personal loan application process is about building on the relief of the loan itself. So if it’s a personal loan you need, look no further than GetBucks, the easiest and most stress-free way to get an instant cash loan for the moments in life that you need it most.

In fact, you can get a personal loan right now at and reinvent how you do credit.