GetBucks brings you 5 easy ways to keep your fuel spend down

With the petrol price going up around every corner, we’re thinking of ways to keep your spending down and keep you driving for longer.

  1. Slow it down – speeding costs more

The easiest way to save petrol is the simplest: Driving slower is the most economical way to save fuel. Driving slower uses considerably less fuel and research suggests that you can save as much 20% on your fuel spend by taking it easy on the accelerator.

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  1. Keep your car in tip-top shape – your fuel tank will thank you

Routine services on your car is important when it comes to saving fuel and money. Older oil, dirty filters and used spark plugs make it more difficult for a car to move forward and can negatively affect your fuel spend. So, look to service your car soon if you haven’t done so recently.

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  1. Use your windows wisely – the aircon might or might not save you

Have you ever wondered whether an aircon uses more fuel? Well, the short answer is yes – but not always. Between traffic lights, an aircon can certainly drain fuel quicker. But, on the highway using your aircon can actually save you. This is because there is less drag when driving at speed if your windows remained closed.

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  1. Lose some weight. Not you – the car!

It’s easy to collect things over time and forget them in the car. Before you know it your boot is filled, bags, files and those camping chairs from that road trip that you took year ago. Together, these add weight and weight creates drag. The more the drag, the more fuel it takes to move forward.

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  1. Pump those wheels – flat tyres are the enemy

Flat tyres can create drag and make it more difficult to accelerate. It’s important to keep your tyres pumped to the correct pressure according to your car’s instruction manual. The next time you stop to fill up, don’t forget to check your tyre pressure.

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So, there you have it. Five tips from the best place to get cash online. It’s just five more ways that we’re trying make you go further, for less.

As always, it’s only a pleasure. Safe travels!