GetBucks Blog - cheap Father's Day gift ideas

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to budget for Dad with GetBucks. Yes, the old man – the man we love and love to spoil.

But, spoiling costs money! So how much do you actually have left for the old man?

  1. Take a hike! It’s a healthy (and affordable) day out

If your dad loves to stay active, a hike is perfect. Fresh air, exercise and the outdoors is a healthy and affordable solution for any budget, not to mention a good time to catch up on some long overdue chit-chat.

Top it off with some snacks and take in the views. Thanks Dad for always showing me the way.

  1. Have a Pizza party – big families are sure to save!

If exercise is not quite for dad and a big lunch is more his thing, pizza is always a money saving winner. Share a few pizzas at your local grub spot and save considerably if you’ve got a big family. Your budget will thank you.

Then, relax and reminisce. Do you remember your first day out with Dad?

  1. Watch the game at home – a nervous way to save!

This Father’s Day will be a sports fiesta so why not stay home and save? Let dad enjoy the rugby on the Saturday (go the Boks!) or the Soccer World Cup on the Sunday. Past winners, Germany and Brazil, are both in action this Father’s Day so prepare for some edge-of-your-seat action.

For Dad’s sake, let’s hope that all of his teams win!

  1. Have a braai at home – affordable never tasted better

Most Dad’s just love the company of close family, and having a braai at home might be the perfect and best (money saving) solution. Get the whole family involved to bring down the costs. Who’s doing the wors, the steak and the salad? Split it up to save.

Then, watch as Dad takes over the braai as only dads can do!

  1. Have a movie night in – get snug and wrap up that budget!

This Father’s Day might be a cold one – so why not stay in? Maybe your Dad isn’t one for parks or hikes or braais. Maybe he likes a warm cup of coffee and a movie. Nothing wrong with that!

So, get the popcorn popping and the heater on. What’s dad favourite movie? Let him choose.

So, there you have it. From the best place to get an online loan – five fun and affordable ways to spoil Dad this Father’s Day,  on a budget!

From GetBucks to all dads out there – Happy Father’s Day and have a special one.