Entertain Kids on a Budget

Entertain Kids on a Budget:

The year-end festive season is a time of family and rest, and for a lot of people, spending time with your kids!

It can always be a great time, but it can also be a battle to keep those little ones entertained and occupied, it doesn’t take long for children to run to their parents to look for things to do.

If we’re not careful, keeping kids busy can really dent our pocket, so we put together a few frugal ideas of how to entertain kids on a budget, so you have a few fewer struggles at the beginning of the longest month of the year; January.

Take a Hike!

Find a local, near and easy-to-manage trail and take your kids for a hike. Get an early start and avoid the heat, bring water and a hat and enjoy the natural scenery and quality time with the little ones. Even making spotting games during the hike can help keep them engaged in the exercise doesn’t.

Download Free Coloring-in pictures:

Colouring-in is easily one of the simplest ways to keep the little ones busy without much effort and expense. With the advancement of niche websites, like Minted, we can now simply download a selection of pictures; made specifically for kids, to be printed out and colored in.

Be Tourists in your Own City:

We often don’t need to travel far and take days of time off to go on an adventure, your next big adventure may be right down the road! Take a trip to your local tourist spots, see your own city as our international guests do, who knows, it could be a great educational exercise for the kids and give you all a new bonding opportunity. Check out your local TripAdvisor for your nearest spots.

Sports and Games:

While the world’s entertainment industry has been taken over by expensive gaming consoles or devices, there are affordable and just as entertaining alternatives; board games or outdoor sports are still as important in Africa as they’ve ever been. Why not take a few hours and kick a ball around in the local park with the kids, break open the old chess set (just one example) and lay the ground roots of competition and problem solving, while also spending much needed personal time with the family.

Get into the Kitchen:

Whether working in the kitchen is a serious occasion or a wild event, teaching the little ones some of the ins and outs of a kitchen and how to cook or bake a few basic meals can be a great way to excite them about helping their parent create something in a fun way.

You’re going to be cooking anyway right? Why not get a little help?

While a lot of these activities seem basic, we hope they’ve sparks some new ideas for you to try with your kids, just remember to have fun and use your budget, it’s all fun and games until the budget breaks!

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