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Small and Medium businesses in South Africa are at the core of providing employment to people from all walks of life and contribute greatly to our country’s economy; so why is it that corporates continue to grow and dominate in our market, whilst small business often struggle against the increasingly challenging odds?

SMME’s are put on the backburner

Financial institutions aren’t always eager to grant financial assistance to smaller businesses and start-ups. Credit extension goes mostly to established small businesses with a proven track record of 10 – 15 years, as this is less of a risk for financial institutions. Young entrepreneurs especially are struggling to obtain credit for their start-ups and with unemployment in south Africa at 27.7%, it is no surprise that a there is a burning need for innovative up and coming entrepreneurs in our country.

SMME’s face many obstacles

Some of the greatest obstacles Small and Medium Enterprises face are:

• Availability of working capital
• Access to corporate resources
• Guidance on route to market
• Assistance on logistical organisation

So what can be done to turn this situation around?

GetBucks can throw you a lifeline
GetBucks is passionate about the upliftment and empowerment of young entrepreneurs in South Africa and has designed a targeted financial assistance programme for SMME’s.

We aim to help support these enterprises to give rise to the initiation and development of their specific business channels – be it Corporate, Governmental or Municipal.

Through our innovative products designed specifically to uplift and empower small businesses, we can:
• Help them overcome their greatest obstacles
• Add value to their SMME
• And facilitate the finance necessary to complete their acquired contract

GetBucks offer 3 SMME lending products in South Africa:
• Uncollateralized SMME Loans from R15 000 to R250 000.
• Collateralized SMME Loans from R250 001 to R5 000 000.
• Uncollateralized SMME Merchant Cash Advance Facility of up to R1 000 000.

Don’t give up on your dreams of owning your very own small business. Grab the GetBucks lifeline, dive in and paddle towards that beautiful sunset.
For more information on how to grow your small business, contact GetBucks today!
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