2018 was quite the year at GetBucks: We were filled to the brim with advice to give when it came to your money and spending habits.

Here at GetBucks, where you can get small cash loans online, we’re all about good advice after all, and bringing about meaningful financial habits that promote healthy spending.

If you missed some of the best advice then, here are five things you learnt from 2018 about how better to spend your money.

  1. If you have kids, we gave you five tips to have fun on a budget

We love our children, but, like you, realise how expensive raising them can be. That’s why this past year we dived into some money-saving fun that all kids will love. From learning to be a chef to a day out in the park, we offered five solutions that were good for the family budget.

If you missed them, check them out here: : https://za.getbucks.com/blog/entertain-kids-on-a-budget/



  1. If you struggle with impulse spending, we gave you five tips to recover

We’re all human and we all like to splurge now and then. But, when you’re on a budget spending money off-the-cuff can hurt the wallet. That’s why last year we gave you five ways to recover if your spending got a little out of hand. This is especially true after December when Janu-worry bites.

If you missed them, check them out here: https://za.getbucks.com/blog/recovering-after-an-impulse-buy/

  1. If you have a car, we shared five ways to keep your fuel-spend down

2018 was one to forget when it came to rising fuel prices, despite the brief relief in December. For the most part, drivers across the country struggled and we all sought innovative ways to keep our cars going for longer, for cheaper. From slowing down between the lights to other smart tips that you’ll never believe, we explored five ways to get that fuel budget down.

If you missed them, take a look now: https://za.getbucks.com/blog/beat-those-petrol-price-blues/

  1. If you’re still worried that something might go wrong, we shared five tips to get your emergency fund underway.

Be assured, come 2019, come a new reason to spend money that you don’t have on something that you thought you wouldn’t need to. Those dreaded emergencies! It’s the same every year though, isn’t it? And, if you’re stressing about it, it probably means is that your emergency fund is on its last legs and needs a boost.

This was our advice to help: https://za.getbucks.com/blog/five-reasons-to-start-your-emergency-fund-today/

  1. If you were still wondering, South Africa is still a beautiful place to live!

Life is not all about money and in 2018 we found five reasons to celebrate our lives in South Africa, money aside! Yes, we remain one of the most hopeful and enviable nations on the planet and that there is our beautiful truth. From the love of safari to the smell of a braai, we have many reasons to be proud of who we are.

Here are five if you’ve forgotten: https://za.getbucks.com/blog/our-heritage-your-heritage-and-five-things-that-makes-us-south-african/

As far as your money goes, 2019 is largely unwritten.  May what comes then be better for your wallet and may your spending habits help make things a little easier.

Without a doubt, the year that passed was one to learn from. May it set the tone for a prosperous new year – one defined by financial freedom and the realisation that money is not everything, but good money habits can make things a whole lot easier. We deserve it!