What happens if I default on my GetBucks loan?

When we enter into a credit agreement with a customer, we expect that the customer has the best intention of paying us back their GetBucks online loan. So, when we fail to receive the payment due (through Debit Order), we will give you the benefit of the doubt and try everything in our power to get in contact with you, and sort out a payment plan.

We realize that sometimes things can happen that are out of your control. We are all only human, after all. That is why we won’t go running to a debt collection agency to hand you over immediately, but will first try to come to an arrangement with you.

When you default on your GetBucks Online Loan, we will call you as soon as possible to discuss the problem. We will then continue our attempt to debit the outstanding amount from your bank account and keep in contact with you about it. If you continue to default on your payment, and we do not receive the money within a reasonable time period, we then have no choice but to take the necessary legal steps against you. You will also be faced with additional charges as we cannot keep to our original fees.

Normal fees will continue to accrue on your account in line with the original scale until settled, or upon changes made by a new mutually agreed arrangement. You may also face added charges from the debt collection agency, should you be handed over. Legal action may also be instituted and that may lead to a court judgement to recoup the money owed, if the money is not paid back.

The credit bureau will record your debt and this info will be made available to other companies who run credit checks, should you ever want to take out a loan with another company.

To avoid all this, just make sure that you can afford a GetBucks loan before you apply for one!

For anything else, GetBucks is here to help!

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