So, you’ve got your bonus, which can only mean two things. The first is that you’re a lucky fish and we’re jealous. The second is that you’re probably smiling all the way to the bank and thinking of ways to spend it – are we right? No doubt, it’s probably the best you’ve felt in a while and good for you. You only get a hard-earned bonus because you deserve it – and no doubt, you deserve it!

Seriously though, let’s take a step back for a minute: How are you going to spend it without wasting it.

So, because we are a responsible online lender, here are some responsible suggestions of how you can spend your bonus that will bring you a little festive fun, but also help ease some future financial stress. Not only for this festive season but for the many festive seasons still to come.

Here then are four financially-savvy ways to spend your bonus this festive season.

1. Break it up and go wild on a tenth!

Now, the most important part of your bonus – or for your soul at least – is to make sure that you feel your hard work has been worth it.

So, take your bonus and divide it by ten – then take a tenth of it and go spoil yourself. Depending on your salary this may be enough for a beautiful pair of shoes or an awesome weekend away. Whatever it is, enjoy it!

Come the new year, remember to tighten-up and re-enforce that budget again. Doing so will provide you with more self-spoiling days in future!

2. Settle that debt – not then, now.

So, you have nine-tenths of your bonus left and it’s just waiting to be spent. But as far as the sparkly-spending goes, consider it done. This is your time to get ahead and free yourself of any financial stress that might be hiding in the creases of your pillow.

You probably have a set amount of debt you pay every month. Whatever that is, double it and pay it again. Still use your salary to pay your debt as usual, but use your bonus to double that payment to get ahead. Debt is best settled quickly, which will save you stress and money in the long run.
Certainly, there is nothing better for debt-shedding woes than using this month to slash it twice. It’s probably the best feeling you’ll feel all year!

3. Break it up further and put aside next month’s debit orders

Once you’ve doubled up on settling debt, have a look at your bank statements and total up next month’s debit orders to the last cent. Then, put that money aside for January’s debit orders.

Let’s be honest, no one has money in January, and the last thing you need is your January debit orders destroying that festive feeling. But, if you’ve planned smartly and already have those debit orders set aside and waiting,. It will truly feel like the debit orders were never there, and that’s the most wonderful financial feeling of all: The feeling that they’ve done nothing to your back pocket.

4. Pretend the rest doesn’t exist and stash it away.

Now, it might be a little difficult taking what’s left and shoving it away, but your savings can always do with a boost. So, whatever of your bonus is left after points 1-3, take it and put it in your savings account to bring those long-term goals a little closer.

Yes, remember the reason you started saving in the first place – those visionary long- term goals? This is your chance to help you realise those dreams a little sooner. So you should be overjoyed that their funds are being fattened for your inevitable happiness. Your long-term goals after all, should be your most important and the reason you work so hard in the first place and that’s what bonuses are truly for.

Happy holidays!