GetBucks Home Improvements on a Budget

Home is where the money is! Five budget fixes to add value to your house

Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make, but making that investment grow can be expensive.

No doubt, we’re sure that you’ve heard it all before. Do the kitchen, do the bathrooms, add value! But, how can you add value when adding value can cost an arm and a leg and you just don’t have the spare cash lying around?

Well, you’re not alone. Here at GetBucks, the easiest place to get a quick online loan, we sympathise. So, to help you maximise your investment we’ve come up with five budget fixes that will make your home a better place to live and a more valuable place to own.

  1. Redo the kitchen floor – there’s value beneath your feet

Redoing a kitchen can be expensive, but budgeting carefully and doing it in bits can be just the right type of money-saving remedy when looking to add value. So, don’t get sucked into a complete overhaul just yet if your kitchen is still charming enough.

Start with the floors! Tiling or concreting it might just be the spruce-up it needs.

  1. Turn on the style by turning off the old taps

Like a kitchen, bathrooms heavily determine the value of a home and neat finishes can redefine a bathroom space. So, consider replacing the taps in your bathroom with modern ones. It’s the small things that redefine a space – and taps are a big part of any bathroom.

Here’s a tip! Keep your taps consistent throughout the house to accentuate your style.

  1. Brighten up or calm a space – a light fixture is smart money

Re-lighting a space can add value when a larger reconstruction is just out of the question. Consider changing your light fixtures then to something more contemporary if your old ones are just not cutting it anymore.

Here’s a tip! Look to adjustable lighting that can change a space’s mood.

  1. Paint the walls, but keep it light

It might seem common sense, but painting the walls, inside and out, can really be the facelift that your home needs. Not only do newly painted walls offer a refreshed living experience, but they are also a good way to add value without completely breaking the bank.

Here’s a tip! Keep the colours light to accentuate space.

  1. Fix up the garden – outdoors matter

If you have an outdoor space, show it some love. Consider opening up congested spaces that are overgrown, and pepper your garden with neat touches. A stone walkaway for example, is affordably replaced with some stylish stepping stones and can really re-energise your outdoor area.

If you’re looking to plant, consider indigenous trees to keep maintenance to a minimum.

So, there you have it. Adding value to your home doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. For less than you might have thought, you can add value with clever redos, replacements, and a dash of paint.

As a short-term money lender that’s all about the value, we might just do the same!