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Black Friday already? Here are some tips to prep for our favourite shopping day

23 November is around the corner and shoppers from all across South Africa are getting ready to shop!

With 4.7 million card transactions recorded nationwide last Black Friday, there’s little wonder why: With great deals around every corner it’s a great time to finally get those things you need – or get ahead with some early holiday shopping.

Here are some tips to get the most from this Black Friday.

Do research and find the best deals

Now’s the time to start looking around! Most major retailers across the country already have deals on the go, with others coming soon, so get searching and start pricing. Ask yourself though: Do I actually need it?

With the festive season around the corner, saving should be a priority. But, if what you need is there for the taking, make sure to search online daily for the best deal for it.

Did you know that according to BankservAfrica, Black Friday’s spend last year amounted to R2.5-billion nationwide? That’s twice the daily average!


Going in store is so old. Go fintech and shop online.

With innovative technology that will see some retailers redefine how we shop this Black Friday, it may be worth your time, money (and even sanity) to shop online.

But, be wary of scams and crooks this time of year. Do your best to avoid third party purchasing sites and social media scammers!

Did you know that Makro will roll-out a drive-thru service at its Riversands, Johannesburg, store that will redefine how we queue and buy items?

Haven’t got the money? Maybe a little online cash injection could help?

As the most convenient place to get small online loan, GetBucks might just be able to help. A small loan can give you the boost you need to help avoid those Black Friday spending blues.

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Pace yourself! The day is longer than you think

With many Black Friday deals starting a week early and finishing a week later, there is more than enough time to get what you need without rushing around in a sweat.

Look out for Cyber Monday deals on 26 November too, but also keep one eye on January. The dry month is renowned for great deals too and your pocket might be grateful for your patience.

Black Friday is coming in hot, but for many of us it comes at the most inconvenient time: On 23 November, just before pay-day, and the festive season.

But, this shouldn’t mean that you can’t get the most from Black Friday specials, even if you’re a little late to prep. With smart budgeting or a small loan, you’re in for some money-saving treats!

And the most important tip is to ensure you do not spend more than you can afford and get yourself in to unnecessary debt. There will always be other opportunities.

Have a great black Friday and we hope you get the deal you have been searching for!

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