GetBucks Jesse's Tips - travel on a budget
GetBucks Jesse's Tips - travel on a budget

It’s just about that time of the year – the Northern Hemisphere Summer! The Mediterranean in the Spring and Summer sun is music to anyone’s ears – and it doesn’t have to come at a price. While it may be too late to get your 2018 summer party shoes on, 2019 European travels are calling your name!

Here are five cost-effective Travel Tips:

  1. Ditch the City Centre food traps

The cost of eating out in most European city centres boarders on a robbery. Stick to the outskirts – the grub is as good!

  1. Later can be cheaper

Websites like or often have incredible short-notice special offers that are super cheap.

  1. Save for the season

Give new clothes, eating out and exaggerated living the skip and be more conservative with your money for the year building up to your trip. Open a dedicated 30-day call account with your bank, just for your travels.

  1. Explore on your own

Give travel tours the skip and let your feet do the moving on your own. Underground tubes, bicycles and a good pair of shoes can save you on local transport costs. And you get to experience so much more.

  1. Set up Google Alerts for travel specials

Pick your country of choice and create a Google Alert for any news articles or content that Google will find specific to your search, e.g. Turkey travel offers. Set the frequency of emails, and off you go.

Save well and enjoy your travels. Life is there to be lived.