The NCR is a legal body that helps to ensure that all credit practices in South Africa are done in a way that is fair and not harmful to consumers. GetBucks adheres to the National Credit Act (NCA) to show our support for responsible lending practices.

If you associate micro lenders with big burly guys armed with baseball bats coming to collect outstanding debt, you can wipe that image from your mind. Unless, of course, you really did borrow money from a dodgy person or business hidden away in some dark alley…

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All reputable credit providers welcome the rules set out by the NCR, because these rules are designed to protect good consumers from bad lenders. It is also to the advantage of credit providers, clients who didn’t trust the industry before, now know that they won’t be taken advantage of.

Reckless lending has been in the spotlight over the last few years. Regrettably, there were financial institutions out there who were so profit driven that they didn’t care about the welfare of their consumers. They gave loans to those who didn’t have the means to pay it back and they charged ridiculous fees and interest rates. This gave the micro lending industry a bad name. Luckily, the National Credit Regulator helped to put a stop to such reckless behavior. Reputable and responsible lenders, like GetBucks, welcome the rules and regulations set in place, and are doing their best to repair the reputation of the industry.

GetBucks Online Loan, Anytime, AnywhereBorrowers now have very clear rights when entering into a credit agreement. And if treated unfairly, they can lodge a complaint with the NCR. These rights include things like: the right to know why your application was turned down, how the costs are calculated, the right to confidential treatment etc.

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