makes us South African
Cape Town Harbour, South Africa

Our Heritage, your Heritage and Five things that makes us South African

Being South African is awesome and Heritage Day is a celebration of us: Our diversity, our essence and the individual identities that make us who we are.

From the North East corner of our most cherished khaki-safaris to the shadow beneath Table Mountain, Heritage Day is the expression of culture, a coming together as one through the lenses of many.

Here at GetBucks, where you can get an easy cash loan online, we’re all about heritage. As a South African company built on the innovative understanding that we’re stronger in our diversity, we’re doing our bit contributing to who we are.

And who we are is this: Five things that make us South African to the bone.

1. For the love of braai

Chisa Nyama! Kom ons braai. Let’s sit back and light the fire. As South Africans, we know that the smell of charcoal is more than about food. It’s about family. About union. About the smells and tastes of our youth and the celebration of tasty nostalgia.

Having a  braai is perhaps the most South African thing of all so this Heritage Day, light it up!


2. The Safari People, since the beginning of time

As a country built very much on the understanding of ‘the bush’ and idea of safari, South Africans have enjoyed the peace of the African wild since the beginning of time. From the silent corners of an elephant’s Eastern Cape to the dry essence of the Pilanesberg, ‘safari’ and ‘the bush’ will always be who we are.

Take a trip to the bush this Heritage Day. It’s like going home!

3. Diversity! It’s the glue that strengthens us

Perhaps the most important part of Heritage Day is the sense of sameness achieved in difference. The diversity of South Africa’s extraordinary landscape is only outdone by the scope of its people: From the rural corners of vibrant Venda to the click of the Khoi-khoi, its diversity is magnetic.

It manifests in its beautiful languages and plays out in the spirit between us. From the golden grass of the Free State to the rolling hills of the Zulu Kingdom, diversity will always be our strength.

4. Sport, and the spirit of union through victory

Ever since the Springboks raised the 1995 Rugby World Cup, we know very well what sport can do for the South African psyche. Almost 30 years later and we still draw from the energy in sport’s victory, from the strength of Caster to the unmatched pace of Rabada’s right arm.

Sport is not South African, no. But where sport builds nations, South Africa is a leader.

5. The beauty in our languages, the ‘yoh’ in its scope

Eleven official languages have helped unearth the wealth in our everyday being that has done its bit uniting a nation. But, it’s within the slang-like fringes of language where we feel it most: Ntwana, we can never underestimate how the bru in our boet, and how the eta in our howzit has helped bridge identity gaps.

It’s pretty nca if you ask us! Eish. It’s ayoba!

Indeed, our heritage is not only what has made us. It is what makes us every day, here and now: It evolves and changes.

Here at GetBucks, we understand how things change and why it’s important to stay on the cusp. And, as our heritage is your heritage, we’re celebrating it with the knowledge that it’s a celebration of who we are now. Right here, right now.

A happy Heritage Day to you all and no matter where you are and how you see South Africa around you, be proud. It’s yours, after all.