Saving vs Investing! The ins, the outs and what’s best for me?

The financial world can be a confusing place. Save for this. Invest in that. But all you’re left doing is worrying that you’re doing nothing.

Here at GetBucks, the easiest place to get an online loan, we believe in simplicity and the value of understanding the difference between saving and investing.

No doubt, understanding the difference and using it to take action, can go a long way. This will help ease long term financial stress.

So here is the difference between the two, simplified by GetBucks, to hopefully inspire you to make the best financial decision for you.

What does it mean to save?

Saving is the long or short term process of putting money away to save for a goal.

No doubt, we all have that goal, or many: Saving for our child’s education, a house, or even a holiday. Or, importantly, saving for that time when your car does that thing where it doesn’t start. Isn’t that just annoying?

Savings are generally easily accessible and are low risk. What you put in is what you get out and building a healthy savings over time will act as a reliable cushion in a financial fall.

But how does that differ to an investment?

Investing is the long term process of taking money and putting into an entity, perhaps a company or a commodity, in the hope that the money you put in will grow over time. Importantly, accessing invested money is not very easy and is not recommended.

You invest to build your financial wealth over time and what you get out is hopefully more than what you put in.

Yes, investments can be risky but the rewards can be great. High risks can sometimes bring about high returns and when it does, your hard work and patience all pays off.

So, should I invest or save?

Well, the question you should ask yourself is what is your goal? Is your goal something tangible: Is it something that you are saving towards like a house or a holiday?

Or, is your goal to let your money work for you and to grow your long term wealth? Depending on your goal, you may find it better to save or to invest – or even better, do both. If you still find yourself confused, chat to a financial advisor to get you on the right track. Without doubt, your future financial self will thank you!