In these costly times, it’s time to shed any excess spend to save our wallets and ease that cost of living.

But, with our food and housing spend at their very edge already, how can we actually make our money go further without cutting back on the essentials?

Here at GetBucks, where you can get small cash loans online, we’re all about smart decisions when it comes to your money and making your life a little bit easier.

So, here are five ways to help you cope with that ever-increasing cost of living. It’s the least we can do.

  1. Don’t pay for things that you don’t use

When debit orders go off, our heart sinks and sighs and what we’re left with that gnawing feeling that parts of what we’re paying for might not be worth the money. So ask yourself: Is it?

Things like DSTV can cost an arm and a leg, especially if you don’t really need it. Have a look at the smaller packages available, which can save you money, or alternatives that could bring down your entertainment bill.

Reconsider how you work out. Exercise doesn’t have to cost a thing!

Many of us have exorbitant gym contracts that we dont use as much as we thought we would – let’s face it.

Have a look online for some easy exercises that can be done at home or at the park that will keep both you and your wallet in good shape. Ask yourself: When was the last time you hit the road for a run?

  1. Re-evaluate your medical spend

A good medical aid these days is as essential as the food you eat. But, are you spending too much? It’s possible.

Look at a cheaper, network-type offering that doesn’t compromise on quality, but  brings down the cost. Or, consider a hospital plan: For those who do, set aside some money every month for that dentist’s visit or eye test that you will eventually need.

  1. Get cheaper car insurance right now. Seriously. Do it.

Many of us overpay on our car insurance because we might not know that there are cheaper options out there. Shop around and see what other options there are.

Also, we often don’t know that car insurances can be negotiated lower under certain circumstances, so call your insurer to find out.

  1. Start a lift club. Petrol is a real money burner.

Of all the things that we spend money on, perhaps petrol is the most annoying. Day after day it burns away and before we know it we’re filling-up again. Needless to say, it burns a hole through your wallet even faster.

So go on. Do yourself a favour and do what blogs like these have been telling you to do since the beginning of the internet. Start a lift club with a colleague or school friend and save more than ever.

The cost of living these days is certainly something to shake your head at. For many, it keeps us financially stagnant and as anxious as ever.

But, there is hope if you go looking for it: Underneath all that excess spend that’s built up over the years, you’ll find the relief you seek.

All you have to do is shed it!