The art of saving! Four reasons to reinvent your financial future this National Savings Month

We hear it all the time: Save for this, save for that – but honestly we can’t hear it enough…

In South Africa, recent stats released by the Investec-GIBS Saving Index reveal that our savings culture is at a 27-year low and that South Africans, struggling to make ends meet, are prioritising daily spending to just get by.

This habit, even though we all do it, is very dangerous for our long term success and is holding us back from achieving our goals.

Here at GetBucks, the easiest place to get money online, we empathise with your savings struggles and encourage a culture that gets us all back on track.

Here then are four reasons to reignite your savings if they’ve taken a back seat.

  1. Your goals are most important. Only saving can achieve them.

In these testing times, some of us have had to forget about our goals – the long term ones and the short term ones. But, never has there been a more valuable time to rediscover them. So, write them down and don’t forget them.

Remember, you will never get back the time to save for them so do it now – they’re the motivation that should keep us going!

  1. Saving brings about inspiration. Let your budget inspire you.

Being unaware of where our money goes is one part of the reason many of us struggle to save. So, get that budget dusted off, refresh it and look to find silly spending and cut it out. Then save it to reach your goals.

  1. Saving defeats debt. There’s a reason if ever there was one.

Now more than ever, debt is a way to suffocate us. No more! So, find that debt-defeating money somewhere in your budget and, with freedom as your inspiration, put it aside and use it to defeat debt.

Pay that debt before you pay yourself and consider the savings that will free you of financial burden.

  1. Saving helps you get what you really want. What else do you need?

Health, food, a roof and happiness. But where’s the fun in that? Well, here it is: Saving for what you need is the best way to get what you ultimately want: Your goals. They are most important.

Saving smartly is the best way to achieve them.

During the month of July – National Savings Month – GetBucks is encouraging you to take a savings journey with us. Keep a look out on our page for our handy articles and tips to help you kick-start your savings plan today!