Wrapping up, keeping warm, and Five hot tips to beat those electric bills this winter

The saying ‘every bit counts’ has more value than ever when it comes to saving on electricity.

Of course, here at GetBucks, the easiest way to get a cash loan online, we’re all about the saving this winter and know all too well that come the cold months, electricity bills can get out of hand.

Darker mornings and colder evenings mean that we naturally use more electricity, so how can we beat back the rising costs while still staying as snug as ever, and as warm as warm can be?

No doubt, you’ll be warmly surprised then at how changing a few of your usual habits can fight those ever-increasing electricity bills and save you money over time.

So, here to help are Five all-too-simple (and snug) money-saving tips.

  1. Switch it off – it’s still the easiest way to save

You’ve heard it a million times before and possibly will hear it a million more, but the easiest way to save on electricity is not to use it when you don’t have to. If you leave a room, switch off the lights and plugs, and let the savings begin.

Switching phone chargers off at the wall is a good habit for the whole family to adopt.

  1. Don’t heat it up – wrap it up!

It’s all too easy using a heater, but if you’re serious about saving where you can, consider buying an extra blanket and using that instead. Wrapping up is the completely free way to beat the electricity woes in the cold months.

When wrapped up, move a little closer to the loved ones! Getting snug is a family affair.

  1. If you have to heat it, use oil!

Sometimes though, wrapping up is just not enough and heating up the room is the only way to warm those bones. If you don’t have a fire place then, oil heaters are the way to go. They are more efficient over time and stay heated for longer after you’ve switched them off.

They’re especially effective in smaller spaces so set them up in a bedroom and keep the door closed.

  1. Why not a games night then? The TV will be there tomorrow

It’s nice to get home, relax and get stuck in front of the TV. But, why not skip it once a week and switch everything off at the wall. Games night can be really fun for the whole family and a great bonding experience – never mind the money it can save over the winter!

So go on, try it out and save some bucks! Time to get out those dusty ol’ playing cards.

  1. Only use the oven when you need to…

Ovens can draw a huge amount of electricity. So, a few times a week, use a microwave instead. Much of what we eat can be cooked with a microwave and it often takes much less time (and electricity) to achieve the same result.

Then, once a week head into the fresh winter air and start the fire. Nothing beats the taste of a good ol’ electricity-saving braai!

On their own, using these tips to save on electricity might seem like a lot of effort for meagre results. But, when done together and consistently over time, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much electricity (and money) you can save.

As always, every bit counts and here at GetBucks, we understand how saving every last bit is the way to go. That’s why this winter, we hope that these tips save you!